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Building Connections.
Funding Research.
Ongoing Support & Education.

We provide education, resources and a network of medical experts to help you and your family fight a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. And we continue to fund early detection research and education because we know that provides the highest probability of successful treatment. Like you, we yearn for a cure. In the meantime, we remain committed to you and your loved ones. We are in this fight together.

“With Rolfe Foundation in my corner, I have access to the best doctors and treatment in the pancreatic cancer field. I am here today because they are advocating for me and guiding my family through this process.”

– Toni Fabric, Pancreatic Cancer Warrior

Events & Programs

The Rolfe Pancreatic Cancer Foundation’s one-of-a-kind events increase awareness of pancreatic cancer, while also raising money that funds cutting-edge early detection research. 

Wellness Wednesday
Building Back Strength: Taking Care of Your Core

Did you know that core strength is critical in every movement you do? In fact, it’s important to build enough core strength before building strength anywhere else. Having a strong core makes it easier to do everyday activities, leading to better balance and stability, good posture and a healthy back.



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