Meet the Rolfe Team

Every member of our organization can share a story about how his or her life has been impacted by this disease, either personally or through a loved one. And because of these experiences, we’re able help remove the uncertainties and alleviate the fears of the unknown.


Stacia Hart

Stacia Hart

Executive Director

Catie Foster

Catie Foster

Associate Executive Director

Angela Horn

Angela Horn

Office Manager

Hailey Soderman

Digital Marketing Specialist

Olivia Yoch

Donor Operations Specialist

Paula Katris

Paula Katris

Graphic Designer

Rachel Sheinkop

Community Partnerships
and Patient Advocate

Erin Kuhn-Krueger

Erin Kuhn-Krueger

Brand Marketing & Moderator


Jim Rolfe
Board President

Christine Hanover
Board Treasurer

Kevin Braude Shubert
Board Vice President

Norm Shubert
Board Secretary

Board of Directors

Scott Alford

Scott Baron

Sheryl Bellick

Kevin Braude

Maggie Brophy

Joan Cusack

Michael Claffey

Corey Goldberg

Christine Hanover

Nancy Hanson

Roslyn Ioffe

Dennis Kessler

Grant McCorkhill

Michael J. Navin

Donald E. Nelson

Lisa Peilet

Jim Rolfe

Judy Rolfe

Lisa Rolfe Burik

Carol Rudolph

Keith Rutman

Don Schaumberger

Jami Sharfman

Michael Sheinkop

Rachel Sheinkop

Norm Shubert

Young Professionals Board

Annie Betti

Julia Braude

Dara Edelman

Zoe Eilers

Melissa Galvan

Emily Holloway

Chris Kellas

Zoe Kofkin

Matt Koscak

Alex Loeb

Bailey Mahlberg

Pilar Mendoza

Grace Nelson

Luc Peilet

Niki Perbohner

Annie Rolfe

Storm Saponaro

Danielle Sharfman

Jordan Sheinkop

Emily Shindler

Corey Speck

Patrick Tobin

Jeffrey Williams

Alyssa Weiner

Medical Advisors

Abdul Aziz Aadam, M.D.
Northwestern Medicine

Mathew E. Adess, M.D.
Northshore University Health System

Ralph Hruban, M.D.
John Hopkins Medical Institutions

David S. Klimstra, M.D.
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Arsen Osipov, M.D.
Cedars-Cinai Medical Center

Mitchell C. Posner, M.D.
The University of Chicago Medical Center

Diane Simone, M.D.
NYU Langone Health

Mathew J. Weiss, M.D.
Northwell Health

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