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Understanding the World of Cannabis: Benefits for Cancer Treatment, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and More.

Featuring Rebecca Abraham, RN, BSN, Acute on Chronic


Genetic Counseling vs. Genetic Testing: Why At-Home DNA Kits Don’t Tell the Full Story

Featuring Dena Goldberg, MS, LCGC, Founder of DenaDNA

7/21/21 6:00 PM – Zoom & Facebook Live

Everywhere we turn, we are bombarded by messages to uncover our family’s history or genetic code. Finding out your lineage and potential hereditary conditions seems as easy as typing a few strokes on a keypad. And while it may be fun to discover that your great-grandmother was a trailblazer, not all information is as it appears. It’s important to understand what the at-home genetics tests are really telling you, and more importantly, what are they missing?

Join us as we welcome back Dena Goldberg, Genetic Counselor and Founder of DenaDNA as she shares:

– The difference between genetic counseling and genetic testing

– Why at-home testing kits are not medical tests

– How to best determine your risk for pancreatic cancer and other diseases

– What proactive measures you can take to protect your health

About Dena Goldberg

Dena Goldberg is a licensed and board-certified Genetic Counselor. She was the Gordon and Betty Moore Endowed Counselor of Hereditary GI Cancer Prevention at the University of California, San Francisco, where she specialized in gastrointestinal cancer, polyposis, and pancreatitis syndromes. Dena was also part of the UC Pancreas Consortium and is a member of the Collaborative group of the Americas for Inherited Gastrointestinal Cancers (CGA-IGC). 

Dena recently left her clinical role to work full-time on DenaDNA to spread awareness of medical genetics through media and marketing techniques not typically used by the medical community.


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