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Talking With Children About Cancer:
3 Ways To Provide Support Through A Parent’s Cancer Journey

Featuring Kelsey Mora, LCPC, CCLS, Chief Clinical Officer of Pickles Group

Being on the receiving end of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and confusing for most adults. Depending on the ages of their children, these emotions are often amplified and coupled with a fear of the unknown. Learning how to speak with children about this sensitive topic and what the right amount of information to share is crucial.

In this month’s Wellness Wednesday, we’ll talk with Kelsey Mora, a Certified Child Life Specialist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and the Chief Clinical Officer of Pickles Group who will share:

· Evidence-based data on kids facing parental cancer

· 3 guiding principles to frame tough conversations

· Appropriate developmental responses

· The importance of honesty, listening, validating, and reassuring

About the Speaker

Kelsey Mora, Chief Clinical Officer of Pickles Group, is a Certified Child Life Specialist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in guiding parents and caregivers on how to best support their children and adolescents with illness and grief. Kelsey uses a personal approach to create opportunities to help youth make connections, and increase coping and communication throughout a cancer experience.

Creating Healthy Habits

Featuring Chris Rosandich, MS, Nutrition and Wellness Manager, Cancer Support Center

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be challenging or boring. Simple switches can make a big impact on your everyday life. And would you believe a balanced diet can actually be tasty AND fun?

Join us for March’s Wellness Wednesday, where we’ll continue our “cancer-fighting diet” series with Chris Rosandich, the Cancer Support Center’s Nutrition and Wellness Manager, who will share easy diet swaps for a healthier lifestyle, including:

· Why it’s so hard to make healthy diet changes.

· Two reasons why healthy lifestyle attempts fail.

· Quick and healthy ingredient swaps.

· How to make sweet and salty treats better for you.

About the Speaker

Chris Rosandich, MS, Nutrition and Wellness Manager, Cancer Wellness Center, has a master’s degree in Health & Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University and holds additional certifications, including Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and Nutrition and Cancer from Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Christine’s passion is to work with various people, including those with cancer, to help them develop a foundation for optimal health.

Creating Healthy Habits

Featuring Lily Horowitz

Did you know that 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are broken by February? The key is to shift away from these one-off goals and move toward creating a series of habits and systems that work best for you. It’s proven that these incremental changes can lead to a major impact on your life.

Join us as we kick off the New Year with Lily Horowitz from The Core Method sharing tips on gaining strength in everyday life. Combining core, balance, power, and posture, Lily shows how they work together to connect your body with your mind. You’ll learn:
· Simple, daily exercises to strengthen your core (hint: it’s not about having a 6-pack)
· How to be connected to, and properly engage your body through Pilates
· Tips, tricks, and advice to make this doable whether you’re going through chemo, treatment, or not.

About the speaker:
Lily Horowitz is a leading certified Pilates instructor with over 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a Core Guru and the founder and creator of The Core Method®️ in Northbrook, IL and has devoted her life to helping clients get strong from the inside out.


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