Grants Awarded

Rolfe funding is awarded through a rigorous review process that ensures it goes to premier medical researchers focused on pancreatic cancer.

By awarding grants to top scientific minds and premier medical institutions like Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago, the Rolfe Foundation champions the early detection research that will improve outcomes in pancreatic cancer detection and treatment.

Over the years, we have allocated funding for a number of groundbreaking projects. Read more about our most recently awarded grants below or see the latest updates on all grants via the 2021 Impact Infographic.


2022 Grants Awarded

Johns Hopkins – Grant 1

Targeting oxidative stress in ATM deficient pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. This study involves continuing research into genetic variants in the ATM gene, which have been previously associated with the risk of familial pancreatic cancer.

Principal Investigator: Nicholas J. Roberts, Vet.M.B., PhD

Johns Hopkins – Grant 2

3D Analysis of the Aging Human Pancreas. This project involves CODA, a method of 3D examination and virtual reconstruction that allows for new types of analysis of human pancreatic tissue.

Principal Investigator: Laura Wood, MD, PhD

University of Chicago – Grant 1

At the Origin – BNIP3 and What It Tells Us About Pancreatic Cancer Progression. Dr. Macleod’s study involves a gene known as BNIP3, which has been shown to be an early biomarker for pancreatic cancer.

Principal Investigator: Kay Macleod, PhD

University of Chicago – Grant 2

Early and Effective – An Epigenetic Blood Test for Pancreatic Cancer. Drs. Bissonnette and He continue in their pursuit of creating an epigenetic blood test (liquid biopsy) that can be used to detect pancreatic cancer early enough to improve outcomes.

Principal Investigators: Marc Bissonnette, MD and Chuan He, PhD

Lustgarten Foundation

“Artificial Intelligence to Improve Imaging”

The FELIX program (named for Harry Potter’s Felix Felicis, also called “Liquid Luck,” a magical potion that makes the drinker lucky) focuses on developing new methods using artificial intelligence to detect smaller pancreatic cancer.

Cancer Wellness Center (Northbrook)

Grant money will be utilized to partially fund the following services: counseling programs, weekly support groups, the monthly Pancreatic Cancer Networking Group, educational programs, wellness programs and outreach to provide psychosocial support, presentations and activities for the pancreatic cancer community.

See full details on all of our grants awarded in 2022: