Grants Awarded

Rolfe funding is awarded through a rigorous review process that ensures it goes to premier medical researchers focused on pancreatic cancer.

By awarding grants to top scientific minds and premier medical institutions like Johns Hopkins and the University of Chicago, the Rolfe Foundation champions the early detection research that will improve outcomes in pancreatic cancer detection and treatment.

Over the years, we have allocated funding for a number of groundbreaking projects. Read more about three of them below or see the latest updates on all grants via the 2021 Impact Infographic.

2021 Impact Infographic


Funding the next phase for CancerSEEK, led by Dr. Bert Vogelstein, will further advance and commercialize the liquid biopsy test designed to detect pancreatic cancer at an earlier stage. (Johns Hopkins)

Epigenetic Patterns

By studying epigenetic patterns on DNA, Dr. Chuan He can begin to develop blood tests to monitor patients who are at risk for pancreatic cancer. If diagnosed, the epigenetic test would provide physicians with valuable prognostic information to select the best therapies for patients. (University of Chicago)

Pancreatic Cancer Biomarkers

Dr. Ralph Hruban and his team are developing a method to culture precancer lesions in three-dimensions, providing a critical system to study pancreatic precancers. Identifying precursor lesions before they become incurable invasive cancer is key to early detection. (Johns Hopkins)